Alec Su did not have good fortune to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival, had to film JJJJ

The reowned HK director Zheng Jicheng and gold medal screenwriter Qin Ting’s coopertation drama JIANG JI JIU JI, which stars Alec Su You Peng, Li Qian, Ye Tong, Qin Pei, and Fan Yimin, has entered the finally filming stage. Having filmed for more than two months, the entire crew and staff is quite confident with its modern drama. Especially Su You Peng, who from the early beginning and throughout filming has fully praised JIANG JI JIU JI, claiming he was "unable to put down the script". Because of this, many fans of Su You Peng, Li Qian, Ye Tong and Qin Pei have high hopes on the new drama and all are very much anticipating its broadcast date.

And also because of it, Su You Peng was unable to attend this year’s Mid-Autumn’s Festival. He told us, he was actually very much anticipating to meet again with Wu Qinlong and Chen Zhipeng for the "Small Tiger" reunion. But due to time conflict schedule of JIANG JI JIU JI, a drama in which he feels he has very much responsibility and passionate love towards, thus had chosen to give up attending the festival event.

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