Alan Tam rocks San Francisco Bill Graham Civic Auditorium

November 4th, 2006, 2006 Family Bridges Fundraising Concert at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco featured the Hong Kong pop legend Alan Tam! The show started at ruffly 7:40 pm and didn’t end until about 10:30 pm. Although there were some technical difficulties, them being the microphone not working accouple of times, the concert was still a success. Alan Tam being the Legend that he is, over came the microphone problem with ease.

Alan sang pretty much all of his hits through out the years. After about an hour into the show, Alan started waving the fans towards the stage. I seen a lot of HK singers such as Andy Lau and Leon Lai hold concerts in California, but i’ve never seen a singer roar the crowd like Alan Tam. It really felt like the show wasn’t held in San Francisco, USA, but rather Hong Kong. All the fans were very enthusiastic, and who can blame them. It was Alan Tam. He hasn’t held a concert in San Francisco for over 10 years. Not just the people on the bottom of the auditorium ran towards the stage, but even sitting in the second floor went down stairs hoping to shake Alan’s hand or just see him up close.

Alan may not really be 25, but he sings and moves around like a 25 year old (when i say move around, i dont mean dancing. i mean just walking and jumping around the stage). In the middle of the show, Alan helped raise even more funds for Family Bridges by auctioning off a Joyce jacket he wore during the show. Though it was soaked with Alan’s sweat, a generous person still bid over $5000 US dollars for the jacket!!!

Alan’s concert was definitely memoriable and a huge success! He is definitely one of HK’s all time Male singers! a true Legend in every respect!

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