Alan Luo: Who Said We Weren’t Getting Along

After Energy’s Kun Da and Alan (Show) Luo’s assistant Xiao Shuang split, there have been rumors that Kun Da and Xiao Zhu (Alan)’s friendship has changed. Yesterday, Xiao Zhu showed up for Energy’s night concert. The two danced together on tsage, and showed pretty strong brotherhood, breaking the rumors of not getting along.

Xiao Zhu just came back from America, yesterday showed up at Energy’s concert dance room, and they sang a duet "????" (Let’s Go Together), but the usually around assistant Xiao Shuang was nowhere in site, avoiding meeting the media and Kun Da. When Xiao Zhu heard of the rumor that he’s not getting along with Kun Da, he couldn’t help but say, "Preposterous, the rumor has no substance."

Yesterday, there were media reports that Alan and Rainie Yang weren’t getting along in America, Xiao Zhu said: "I’m a boy, she’s a girl. Obviously, we’re not going to play the same things. Especially since I went to spend time with my mother, is there something wrong with that?" He also said: "So weird, I’m pretty good around peple, how come there’s so many rumors that I’m not getting along with so many people lately?" His manager also expressed that Xiao Zhu, Rainie and a lot of the staff played rock, paper, scissors in their rooms at night – they get along fine, so he doesn’t understand why there were rumors that Xiao Zhu and Rainie weren’t getting along.

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