Ah Sa hastily protects herself when hugged, luckily her chest is small so it is “hard to touch”

Last night (28th April), Twins danced a cowboy dance with Australian dancers at Round 1 of the 2007 Jade Solid Gold Awards. During the dance, when picking her up to spin her in midair, one of the dancers hugged Ah Sa (Charlene Choi) from behind and his hands were close to her chest. Originally, Ah Sa wanted to push away his hands but she ended up pressing her hands against her chest to protect herself. After the dance, Ah Sa said self-depreciatingly, “Luckily my chest area is not big so its hard to touch.”

During the show, a clip of Ah Sa’s rumoured boyfriend Ronald Cheng on Jade Solid Gold was played. Ah Sa said that in the clip Ronald had expressed his true self and that she agreed that he had a funny bone in him.

Alex Fong appeared on the show with his two rumoured girlfriends Gillian Chung and Stephy Tang. Although Alex and Stephy were never far apart from each other at the show, Gillian said that she had said hi to him but they did not talk. There have been rumours that Alex will be filming 出水芙蓉 with Gillian. Stephy said that Alex and Gillian were very compatible but she was worried that these reports would affect the image of her and Alex’s partnership as a ‘couple’. As for Alex being worried that he would be regarded as ‘placing one foot into two boats at the same time’, she said, “He has not stepped onto any boat.”

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