Ah Sa gives a present to her future mother-in-law

Ah Sa appeared at the promotion of 《OSIM I love u Mama》, and she was learning how to give massages. After that she tried to massage a 93 years-old woman.

Ah Sa decided to give her mother a massage chair for mother’s Day. Besides that she also decided to have a dinner with her grandma. Asked her if she would give a present to the mother of rumoured boyfriend, Ronald Cheng, she replied:”you have to give a present to your own mother.” Asked or she would help Ronald to choose a present for his mother? She said: “If you pick it yourself, it’s more special. I did gave my opinion, that a massage chair was also a good idea, i would recommend it to everyone. ”

Ah Sa also said when she was born she was 8 pounds, so at birth her mother’s lower backbone was injured and sometimes it will still hurt. So Ah Sa would help massage her mother.

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