Aguilera Removes Last Piercing

Aguilera Removes Last Piercing…. Christina Aguilera has removed the last of her body piercings after marrying Jordan Bratman, out of respect for their relationship.

The singer once boasted 12 piercings including one in her nipple and another in a more intimate spot. Over the last few years she has gradually removed most of the adornments, but had vowed to keep her nipple ring “for herself”.

But sources say she decided to ditch it for Bratman, and recent pictures of her in a tight top show her not wearing the piercing.

And Aguilera herself hints she’s left her pierced days behind. She recently told Mtv, “This is my new image now. That was in my past. I am an artist who is forever changing.”

Aguilera Wants To Quit For Kids
Meanwhile the singer will quit pop after the release of her next album so she can settle down and start a family with husband Jordan Bratman.

The 25-year-old is so smitten with Bratman, who she married last November (05), she’s ready to make forthcoming Lp Back To Basics her last.

She tells Mtv, “I’m going to do one more album and then consider settling down and having kids.”

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