Ady Sends her Wishes to Injured Hu Ge, touches fans

Hu Ge being wheeled out of Hospital. Covered in bandages.

Ady An Yi Xuan, star of The Outsiders and Chinese Paladine has sent a personal message of best wishes to the injured Hu Ge. Her words touched fans and generated tears amongst the fans of Yue Ru and Xiao Yao as she retouches the wounds due to the news of Hu Ge in an accident just a few days ago.

Her messages reads:

Evil woman (e nv) is very upset, and hopes that a miracle to would happen to Xiao Yao (Hu Ge)

How did this happen? Yu Ru’s Xiao Yao had an accident on the way from heng dian to Shanghai, after hearing such news, my eyes turned red. It seems life is very fragile.


Princess An had a few times like that, (near accidents) and when it was all calm, would ring mum. It felt like I just saved my life. Now, hearing the news about Hu Ge, I’m quite upset, it must have been due to work did he put himself in such dangerous position


So want to ring him to see if he is ok. I bet after hearing his voice I can rest better. But I know that is something I can’t do at the moment, the only thing i can do is probably to pray and hope that Hu Ge is well, and will pass this time quickly. We promised each other, we have to eat until we are old, and play until we are old. Filming Chinese Paladine with him, made me know that he is a fantastic person, he is very dedicated to his work. At times like this, I do not just extend my hopes and prayers to his family, but to his colleageus who love him jsut as much. Let us all pray and hope Hu Ge gets well really soon!


Hu Ge, keep it up. After the lightenings and storm, you can still see the streams of hope.

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