Adam Cheng – No Service No Award

With his great acting talent, Adam Cheng is already the ‘Best Actor’ in the hearts of many viewers, so he says that he has seen through the importance of any awards and despite being nominated for ‘Best Actor’ and ‘Best Host’ for his performances in "Bar Benders" and "Forbidden Palace", he still says that his chances of winning are slim.

Asked for his selections for the best actor and actress, Adam says that he would choose Joe Ma and Charmaine Sheh because he feels that the goofy guy and the beer girl in "Maidens Vow" were very outstanding. Having worked for TVB for so many years, Adam has never won the award for best actor and he is not confident this year either: "I have heard that if you want an award, you have to pledge your service to TVB and I see so many leading males and females working so hard. I don’t serve them well enough, just filming one series per year, so there will not be an award for me."

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