Ada Wins over Gigi and Maggie on the Catwalk

TVB’s new series “Jewel’s Splendor” was filming earlier in a catwalk scene, as Ada Choi, Gigi Lai and Maggie Shiu donned their elegant evening gowns and became models on an elaborate stage and catwalk. They all wore the same brooch, giving a great feeling of the splendour of the jewellery and looked like three adopted sisters on the stage. Ada indicated that they will be filming abroad on location for this series in May and June, before coming back to the studios in August to continue the shoot. The whole series is planned to be completed by the end of the year. The scene actually shows them watching the show in the audience, but they did the catwalk show especially for the media.

Ada’s revealing dress was the most eyecatching on the catwalk and immediately stole the limelight away from the others. Talking about this, she seemed a little embarrassed as she explained that this was not her first time on the catwalk, so it has become second nature to her now. Asked if she has prepared any of her own clothes for this show, she says: “The costumes are arranged by the company and I don’t have a choice, nor do I need to prepare my own clothing. The sponsors have provided some very beautiful outfits that match well with my character. (You don’t need to fight over the pretty clothes?) I am very polite and the most important thing is that the clothes match you. My character is quite a show off and sexy, so she will be more noticeable.”

With a title like “Jewel’s Splendor”, then there will be plenty of sparkling jewellery appearing on the screen and Gigi says that all the jewellery is sponsored by MaBelle, but she is not sure about exactly how much it is all worth. She says: “Usually, my costumes are red or white, but this time we are all wearing the custom made black dresses. My shoes are my own though.”

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