Ada Choi Promotes “On the Road”

Ada Choi is a devoted Christian and given the opportunity to visit Israel and the birthplace of Jesus in TVB’s travel show "On the Road", she was very excited and enthusiastic, but when she had her own experience of carrying a cross and the suffering of Christ, it moved her to tears.

Ada says: "It took three or four attempts before we were finally able to set off, because the timing was not right, so this is the first time I have visited the birthplace of Jesus in person. My cousin joined me and it was like a dream, each step was very touching, especially as the Holy mountain is not somewhere that the public can go to, but I was able to go there and film, so I was moved to tears on several occasions. Then we visited the area where the miracle of the fish and the bread took place and I imagined the feeding of the five thousand many years ago. My cousin and I were crying like crazy, because I thought that I am not very skilful and not very beautiful, but I am still able to work in something that I am interested and love and to have made some progress in it. I also felt thankful for my dear friends and family and this in itself is a miracle." Asked if she will be inviting her friends together to watch the show, she says that they have mentioned it before, but she is busy filming for "Jewels Splendor" at the moment, so she may not have the time to watch it.

Talking of her good friend Flora Chan’s recent wedding, did Ada give her a gift? She avoids the question saying: "I’m not saying! Please don’t ask me about this any more. (Would you like to receive a wedding ring?) Are you going to give me one? I will take it off anyone!" As she has just mentioned that she has a lot of family and friends, is there no-one she can develop a relationship with? Ada says: "Dating is all about understanding, if you make a fuss about it, then it just complicates things, so I will not say whether or not I am dating, but if I get married, then I will let everyone know."

Another travelling star Liu Wai Hung is currently developing his organic foods company in the mainland and was asked whether he is interested in coming back to film series for TVB. He says that he does not have enough time, because he has been named as ‘Organic Ambassador’ for the government to promote organic foods and he has also joined the local government in Yunfu. Doesn’t he have to go to Beijing for meetings? He says that he will do in three or four years time. The other inspirational journeys in this series of "On the Road" include Eric Tsang travelling to Brunei, Gigi Leung visiting a ‘Female Country’ in Yunnan, Liza Wang going to Kyoto in Japan and Sammul Chan’s journey to the Huangtu Plains. Through their journeys, they share their feelings and experiences and Gigi tells of how she will not ask or think too much when she enters into a relationship and Liza remembers when she went to Kyoto to learn to dance, her father gave her $8000 and she recalls all her memories of the things that happened then.

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