Ada Choi on a Journey to Trace Christ’s Footsteps

Ada Choi headed out yesterday to Isreal to film for "On the Road" on a ten day trip to trace te footsteps of Jesus Christ, visiting Jerusalem, the Dead Sea, Bethlehem and the Garden of Gethsemane and telling the story of how she found her outlook on life through the teachings of Christ. Ada says: "In order to build my experiences, I will be following the painful path of Jesus and try carrying a cross to feel how Jesus felt during his suffering. Just thinking about this moves me to tears, so I have prepared a lot of tissues."

With the uncertainty in Israel, Ada’s trip has already been postponed three times and she smiles: "I have wanted to go for so long and have been looking forward to it. You can kill me before I get off the plane, I have to go there! I will be taking my cousin with me and many of my church friends are quite envious."

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