Actresses Jang, Yang, Lee Top Chinese

Korean actresses Jang Seo-hui, Yang Mi-kyung and Lee Young-ae ranked first to third among actresses in a Chinese survey on the most influential Korean actors and actresses.

Jang, who starred in the Korean drama ‘Miss Mermaid,’ was the highest ranking actress at 7th overall, following male stars Bae Yong-jun, Song Seung-heon, Kwon Sang-woo, An Jae-wook, Kim Seong-taek and Ryu Si-won.

Following Jang was veteran actress Yang Mi-kyung and Lee Young-ae, stars of the hit Korean drama ‘Daejanggum’ (Jewel in the Palace). Then came Choi Ji-woo, Song Hye-gyo, Son Ye-jin, Han Chae-young and Lee Dae-hae.

Among actors, Bae Yong-jun topped the list while 4th-ranking An Jae-wook again proved his decade-long popularity in China.

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