Actress Sues Ex-husband for Fraud

Actress Lee Hye-young is suing her ex-husband for fraud, according to National Police Agency on Friday.
The 34-year-old actress Lee filed a lawsuit against her ex-husband, singer Lee Sang-min, for fraud, claming that he cheated her, taking about 2.2 billion won prior to their marriage until they were divorced last year.

Her 33-year-old ex-husband, who was also a member of the now disbanded K-pop group Roo’ra, denied all the claims and said the case will be settled amicably since it was brought through misunderstanding.

In the suit, Lee claimed that her ex-husband forced her to pose as a nude model for business purposes, taking 50 million won for the contract and 30 million won worth of benefits from the project. She also claimed he bought cars on installment programs under her name, but did not pay for them, causing her enormous financial damage. She added that Lee had not returned money he had borrowed it in her name, and also asked her to borrow money from her friends to support his business.

Regarding the nude picture project, Lee Sang-min previously said that he never forced her wife to do it. He also said that he already paid back all the money he borrowed for cars.

Lee will settle the complaint once the police investigation starts, according to his acquaintance.

Meanwhile, Ko Young-wook, who is Lee Sang-min’s friend and an ex-member of Roo’ra

expressed concerns about Lee’s suit.

“As far as I know, Lee Sang-min is troubled with debts and this suit might be related to that problem. I hope they reach a peaceful agreement,” he said.

A police official said Lee Sang-min was not only sued for fraud by his ex-wife, but also by two other people, who are claiming 4 billion won from Lee.

Police will summon Lee Sang-min next month and investigate the accusations. The Lees married in June 2004 after 10 years of romance but ended up in divorce in August 2005.

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