About Exchange Love: Rumors all over

The production company in charge of the upcoming series Exchange Love which originally was to be done by Mike He and Rainie Yang, Comic Ritz was bewildered by the amount of news about it posted in the net and various accusations of unconfirmed casting.

"We are still on the process of selection of the cast members and this project will not yet be materialized as of this year. This could be done in the latter part of next year or even the year after. All we could say is that there will be crucial changes to the script and this series is a planned vehicle for fresh faces in this industry. This is to present something new and diverse to people." This was a statement given by a spokesperson.

They did not comment on the possible casting of Arron Yan. But commented on Agnes Monica and Maja Salvador’s choice on being leading ladies as something to be deeply scrutinized. The word if the series is to proceed is not yet final but their focus because of many contending series being done as of the current. But Exchange Love is indeeda drama about teenagers to be done by dominantly new and young actors and actresses.

"Exchange Love could only see the light of day much, much later but not now. Nothing is final or confirmed."

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