Aaron Kwok Wins Acclaim for New Movie

The Hong Kong film "After This Our Exile," starring Charlie Yeung, Kelly Lin and Aaron Kwok, will be screened nationally Nov. 30.

At the special media screening of the film in Hong Kong on Tuesday, director Patrick Tam praised lead actor Kwok, saying it was Kwok’s best-ever movie performance.

The 41-year-old pop singer and film star showcased his talents by playing a father and gambling addict for the first time. The plot focuses on the awkward and complicated relationship between father and son after the mother abandons the family. Yeung plays the estranged wife.

Kwok was named best actor at last year’s Golden Horse Awards for the movie "Divergence" and is expected by Hong Kong critics to win the award again for "After This Our Exile."

The film’s mainland version is reportedly without some sex scenes.

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