Aaron Kwok and Charlie Yeung promote AFTER THIS OUR

Aaron Kwok Fu Sing, Charlie Yeung Choi Nei, Valen Hsu (Hui Yu Wan), Sima Yin’s son Ng King To and director Tam Ka Ming yesterday appeared on a RoadShow interview to promote their film AFTER THIS OUR

Sing Sing was asked whether he would like to win Best Actor again, he expressed that every film festival and award show had different standards. Although he has won before he would not have pressure from it. He was after his goals more than awards. In addition not every performance would score fully. He in AFTER THIS OUR EXILE played an irresponsible father, but his late father was someone who was responsible and loved his children. Thus he could not use his own father as a blue print for this character and had certain difficulty when he performed.

Sing Sing also said, Yeung Choi Nei’s first ad was with him. At the time she was more tomboyish. Now full of life experience, she had even more inner beauty and femininity. Did he feel that she would be an
ideal girlfriend? Sing Sing immediately said, "Not everyone asks me whether she is right. I only feel Charlie is very flavorful and very attractive. From her previous girl next door to an actress, I feel she
shouldn’t have a steady image to hold her back."

Yeung Choi Nei agreed with Sing Sing’s description. She said, although she had long hair and entered the business with a girl next door image, because she was the only child she was very independent. At school she even participated in track and field and javelin competitions. She was quite a tomboy.

She also felt that Sing Sing the big kid was even happier than before. This production has been very pleasant. The film’s child actor wrote songs and Sing Sing choreographed to perform for her. Sometimes
after work, she would take the child actor to the movies. She said, after this collaboration, Sing Sing has already gone from a score of 80 to 100. Was he an ideal boyfriend? She said, he watched her grow up and they once were at the same management agency. He also has said that they were considered same company siblings. Although she has had more femininity, their relationship was still like siblings.

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