A high money venture! Jerry earned $30 Million in 2 days

For his Tokyo Fan Gathering, Jerry efficiently drew earnings reaching NT$30 Million for his 3-row 2-day ticket sales and also took 10.5 million sales from the related products when he met the 5000 paid members of his Fan club. If his talent fees of more than 10 Million are added, his two day work would earn him NT$52.5 Million, a really remarkable money power. When Jerry sang in the afternoon event, fans rushed to him. So in the final Fan Gathering that night, an added fence was installed to the keep fans at a safer level. One of the highlights of last night event was the presence of his cancer victim fan where her daughter wrote to Jerry last March and asked if he can allow her mom to see him. Jerry then personally replied to this fan and after the fan saw the email, she was very happy and even cried. The daughter accompanied her mom to fly from Fukuoka to Tokyo and joined the Fan Gathering. Jerry invited her to come up to the stage and so the fan cried as she was led to him. Sitting on a wheelchair, Jerry felt sad and held his sighs when he saw her. This fan said that she really thanks Jerry for giving her enormous strength and wished that in the future she could have a chance to see him again.

Jerry is aptly referred as "Small White Rabbit". Some young fans also came dressed in rabbit costumes and the Japanese husband who bought Jerry’s necklace for his wife during the Preview Screening also came and waved to Jerry. Jerry then called to him," I know him. He is a good man to his wife." This Japanese then said," Can you help my wife to get there also?" " Jerry said in Japanese "pretty woman" that fans began to get very HIGH again.

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