A Family of Three – TAE, Li Qian, and Liu SiSi

LIAO ZHAI QI NU ZI (translated to "Liao Zhai Magnificent Women") will spend the next two months filming in Hengdian. This ancient drama will be directed by same director for "Liao Zhai 1" which starred many idols such as Lin Zhi Yin, Li Bing Bing, Huang Xiaoming, etc…

The serie will be composed of 4 stories : ????(Brave Woman)???????(14th Lady Xin)?????(Liang Cheng)?????(Huan Lady). Each story centers mainly on the unique women from the legendary "Liao Zhai" folk tales. Actors include : Daniel Chen Xiao Dong, Nicky Wu Qi Long, Pan Yueming, Fan Wen Fang, Sun Xing, Zheng Li, Sun Li, TAE, Cao Xiwen, Li Qian, Lin Jiayu, Liu Shi Shi, etc.

In the story "14th Lady Xin", Thai actor TAE will marry both ladies Liu Si Si and Li Qian, making a "A Family of Three".

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