8th Annual CCTV-MTV Music Awards – Award Winning List

Best Mainland Male Artist
Man Wen Jun

Best Mainland Female Artist
Chen Min

Most Appreciated Mainland Male Artist
Allen Lin

Most Appreciated Mainland Female Artist
Jin Hai Xin

Most Appreciated Hong Kong Female Artist
Joey Yung

Most Appreciated Hong Kong Male Artist
Eason Chan

Most Appreciated Taiwan Female Artist
Angela Chan

Most Appreciated Taiwan Male Artist
JJ Lin

Best Song
?????? Ji Xiang San Bao

Best Mainland Band
Gu Dian Shi Shang (????)

Best Hong Kong Group

Best Taiwan Group
Nan Quan Mama

Special Music Contribution Award
Chris Babida

Best Folk Song Artist
Chen Si Si

Mainland Artist with Most Potential
Han Xue

Hong Kong Artist with Most Potential
Justin Lo

Taiwan Artist with Most Potential
Kenji Wu

Asia’s Most Outstanding Entertainer
Jay Chou

Best Mainland Music Television
Wei Dai, Ya Dong "Gang La Mei Duo"

Best Mainland Album
Age of Water & Wood (Sheng Min De Kuang Xiang)

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