How to overcome Hair loss

Hair loss is common for healthy people. In fact, theaverage person will loose between 50 and 150 hairsa day. Hair loss can be caused by many differentfactors including heredity, medical conditions andharsh hair treatments. Interferon treatment cancause hair loss (alopecia) and changes in hairtexture that can occur all over the body not just onthe head. It is however rare for someone to lose allof their hair or go bald, but many people notice thattheir hair is thinning or that it is becoming brittle andbreaks off. Hair color may become dull and thetexture of hair may also change during therapy-curlyhair may become straight and vice-versa. Treatment related hair loss and changes in texture cangreatly affect body image so it is highly recommended thatpeople seek out professional psychological support or helpfrom a peer led support group.The good news is that hair loss or change in hair texture isonly temporary and the hair will usually grow back aftertreatment. Some people even report that their hair growsback fuller and thicker than before treatment.

It is important to know that minoxidil (Rogaine) will not work to repair the damage of interferon induced hairloss. In fact, minoxidil should be avoided because it canirritate and dry out the scalp.There are many steps that people can take to helpreduce the chance of hair loss and other hair problems:

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