66 Top Stars Sue Over Rights of Publicity

Sixty-six top entertainers have sued a company for listing them on a simulated stock market program claiming that the company has infringed their dignity and rights of publicity.

According to the Seoul Central District Court on Wednesday, the 66 top stars including Bae Yong-joon, Kim Hye-soo, Kwon Sang-woo, Jun Ji-hyun, Jung Woo-sung and Moon Keun-young have filed a lawsuit against ENSDaq, a company which runs a simulated stock market program, demanding the company not use their pictures and names and pay 11 million won to each person in compensation.

ENSDaq has been providing Internet service launching a simulated stock market program on its Web site www.ensdaq.com. Through a simulated stock market program, Ensdaq enabled subscribers to buy or sell entertainers through cyber money just like stocks. This has raised the ire and anger of entertainers, who claim the service is unlawful and unacceptable because it undermines their dignity.

“By listing entertainers on the simulated stock market and enabling Internet users to trade entertainers, the company has ruined our dignity as human beings,’’ the entertainers said in a statement. “The company has earned profits by using our names and likeness without our permission. This is a serious infringement upon our rights of publicity.’’

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