500,000 Downloads in 1 Day for Jang Ri In’s Timeless

Known as SM’s secret weapon, Jang Ri In (Zhang Li Yin) is already supported by her fellow seniors, Dong Bang Shin Ki and Super Junior, for her debut. Her single ‘Timeless’ is a duet with Junsu from TVfXQ. The music video stars Super Junior’s Si Won and Hangeng, along with Lee Yeon Hee who was in A Millionaire’s First Love with Hyun Bin.

16 years old Chinese singer, Jang Ri In, was chosen by SM in 2003. At a young age, she has already captured many people’s heart with her talents. After only one day, her single ‘Timeless’ has already been downloaded 500,000 times.

Secretly trained for three years, Jang Ri In gets support from her seniors. Junsu generously offers his voice, while Si Won and Hangeng offers their acting skills. The music video is like the love version of Infernal Affairs.

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