2nd pregnancy, Xiao S flies to Beijing to grab endorsements

Xiao S has been confirmed to be pregnant again and so far has yet to stop her earn money endorsement plans. She even flew to Beijing to endorse a shampoo brand, wearing high heels and miniskirt and was very professional.

Wearing a black suit, black heels, Xiao S glamorously appeared on-stage for the Beijing endorsement event and although she had short hair, Xiao S still managed to win the endorsement of the shampoo. Besides attempting to continuously swing her hair around at the scene, Xiao S also very professionally displayed her more female side despite her pregnancy, leaving the company very satisfied.

Xiao S: “Because of my daughter, I have received some young children products and thus I am very grateful to her and feels guilty about scolding and hitting her. Hopefully, other companies can contact me over diapers etc. Thank you”

Not forgetting to try to win over companies through the media, Xiao S’s skills at earn money is indeed powerful. Even her precious daughter isn’t left out. Xiao S”When my child is older, I will share the money earned since I think my daughter is very talented. She can do some special tricks already”

Xiao S is a very happy, earning lots of money, mother now as her endorsements are coming one after the other.

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