28th RTHK Music Ceremony Award Winning List

Top 10 Songs
Joey Yung ??????
Leo Ku ??????
Stephanie Cheng ?????
Justin ????
Vincy Chan ????
Eason Chan ??????
Twins ?????
Hacken Lee ??????
Janice ??????
Andy Lau ?????

Country’s Favorite Chinese Song: Jay Chou & Fei Yu Qing – ????

Country’s Favorite Chinese Group: Twins

Most Outstanding Male Artist: Eason Chan

Most Outstanding Female Artist: Joey Yung

Country’s Favorite Female Artist: Joey Yung

Country’s Favorite Male Artist: Andy Lau

Annual Top Selling Male Artist: Hacken Lee

Annual Top Selling Female Artist: Joey Yung

Global Best Chinese Song: Leo Ku – ????

Media Award (????): Leo Ku

Best Composer: Yeung Jan Bong (???)

Best Lyricist Lam Jik

Most Popular Mandarin Song: Guang Liang – ??

Most Outstanding Popular Artist: Andy Lau, Miriam Yeung, Leo Ku, Denise Hocc, Janice, Eason Chan, Hacken Lee, Joey Yung, Justin, Jay Chou

Most Potential Newcomer:
Gold: Vincy Chan
Silver: Jill
Bronze: Kelvin Kwan

Most Potential Newcomer Honorable Mention: Fahrenheit, Sun Boy’z, Zarahn

Cash Best Composing Singer: Ivana Wong

Most Improvement: Hins Cheung

"Golden Needle" Award ??? (directly translated): Adam Cheng

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