2007’s Most Popular Stars? Fahrenheit & Elva Takes the Lead

Which newcomer star will get to claim the throne of the most popular artist? Which artist will be this year’s most popular king or queen?

Two online voting polls are currently taking place with "2007 Newcomer King/Queen" and "2007 Most Popular King/Queen". Newcomer group Fahrenheit and queen Elva Hsiao are currently first place in each respective polls. Fahrenheit has 66,000 votes and Elva has over 70,000 votes. Other artists are lining up after them, ready to catch up. This popular poll has attracted more than 450,000 voters so far.

The "Newcomer King/Queen" poll has been the most intense, with over 25,000 voters. The current most popular group, Fahrenheit, stands strong in first place with 66,000 votes so far. New composing singer Evan Yo intensely places in second, not too far behind Fahrenheit. Standing in third place is cutie Zhang Xin Yu with 35,000 votes. Other artists like Gary Cao and Genie Chuo also receives over 20,000 votes.

On the other hand, the "Most Popular King/Queen" poll has attracted over 200,000 voters. The current top three spots are taken by female artists. First place is the artist of album 1087, Elva Hsiao. Even with an injured leg, Elva was willing to go out with crutches and meet the fans. She currently stands very strong with 70,000 votes. Second and third place is Jolin Tsai (42,000 votes) and A-mei Chang (36,000 votes) respectively. In this seesaw battle, the results could change anytime.

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