2007 Winners of 13th Chinese Music Awards

Best Songs of the Year
Kenji Wu – ???
Fan Wei Qi – ???
Ai Le Tuan (Love Band) – ??
Wang Feng – ?????
Angela Chang – ?????
Hins Cheung – ???
Wilber Pan – ????
Jolin Tsai – ??
Eason Chan – ??? ??
Jay Chou – ????

Best Male Artist (mainland): Hins Cheung

Best Male Artist (HK/Taiwan): Eason Chan

Best Female Artist (mainland): Rebecca Jin

Best Female Artist (HK/Taiwan): A-mei Chang

Best Newcomer (mainland): Zhou Bi Chang

Best Newcomer (HK/Taiwan): Tank

Best Composing Singer (mainland): Age of Water & Wood

Best Composing Singer (HK/Taiwan): Leehom Wang

Most Appreciated Male Artist (mainland): Chen Kun

Most Appreciated Male Artist (HK/Taiwan): Leehom Wang

Most Appreciated Female Artist (mainland): Li Hui Zhen

Most Appreciated Female Artist (HK/Taiwan): Angela Chang

Best Band (HK/Taiwan): Mayday

Best Band (mainland:) The Flowers

Best Group (HK/Taiwan): S.H.E

[b]Best Group (mainland): Age of Water & Wood

Favorite Music Video (mainland): Yuan Quan – ??

Favorite Music Video (HK/Taiwan): Show Luo – ???

Most Popular Song of the Year (HK/Taiwan): Leehom Wang – ????

Most Popular Song of the Year (mainland): My Hero – ?????

Game-V Original Song award (mainland): Xiao Fei – ???

2006 Jamster’s Most Appreciated Ringtone (mainland): Hu Yang Lin – ????

Media Recommendation Prize (mainland): Shawn Rolling, Jacky Sit

Media Recommendation Prize (HK/Taiwan): Wilber Pan

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