2006 Sprite Music Award Results

HK/Taiwan Gold Song Awards:
??? ???? Leo Ku – Love too Late
?? ??
??? ??
??? ??
S.H.E ????
?? ?? Justin – Love Song
??? ?? Aaron Kwok – Love
??? ?????
??? ????
??? ???? Joey
??? ???? Andy Lau
??? ??????? Alex Fong
??? ???? Jay Chow – Far Away
??? ???

Best MTV: ??? ?????

Best Female Singer:???

Best Performance:
HK: Justin Lo
Taiwan: Guang Liang
Asia: Ah Mei

Most Favourite Idol:
Mainland: ??? ???
HK: Joey Yung
Taiwan: Farenheit

Best Improvement:
Mainland: ?? ??? ??
HK: EO2, Vangie Tang, Stephie Tang, Rain Lee
Taiwan: Ken Wu

Best Music Group:
Mainland: Hua Er
HK: Soler

Best Composer/Singer:
Mainland: Yu Quan
HK: Justin
Taiwan: Tank

Best Duet Song:
Mainland: ??? SE7EN ?? ??? ????AND WANT YOU KNOW?
HK: ???&????????
Taiwan:???&HEBE ????????

Best Newcomer:
HK: Vincy Chan

Best Music Group:
Mainland: Yu Quan
HK: Grasshopper
Taiwan: Farenheit
Asia: S.H.E.

Media Recommended:
HK: Aaron Kwok
Taiwan: Ah Mei

?IN??? (??):
Mainland: ??? ???
HK: Joey Yung
Taiwan: S.H.E.

Most Talented:
HK: Grasshopper

Best Album:
Mainland: ??????
HK: Leo Ku – Human
Taiwan: S.H.E.

Nation’s DJ voted Outstanding Performance Award: Wilber Pan

National Honorary Singer Award: Harlem Yu

Asia Most Outstanding All-rounded Artists: Zhou Xun, Aaron Kwok

National Ultimate Gold Song: Leo Ku ?????? – Love too Late

National Best Stage Performance: Wilber Pan

Most Popular Female Singer:
Mainland: Li Yuchun
HK: Joey Yung
Taiwan: Zhang Shao Han

Most Popular Male Singer:
Mainland:Hu Yan Bin
HK: Leo Ku
Taiwan: Wilber Pan

Most Popular Film: Aaron Kwok ????

Asia’s Most Popular Female Singer: Ah Mei

Asia’s Most Popular Male Singer: Aaron Kwok

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