2006 Roadshow Music Award Winning List

Best Male Artist: Leo Ku, Justin, Andy Lau

Best Female Artist: Joey Yung, Denise Ho, Janice

Best Newcomer: Vincy Chan, Kelvin Kwan, Jill

Best Potential Newcomer: Bianca Wu, Ryan Hui

Best New Group/Band: Zarahn, Sun Boy’z

Best Ringtone: Kary Ng (????)
Vincy Chan (??)
Renee Dai (????)

Best Stage Performance: Stephanie Cheng, Yumiko Cheng, Yan Ng

Best Composing Artists: Anthony Wong, Paul Wong, Andy Lau

Best Potential Composing Artists: Stephy Tang, Khalil Fong

Best Popularity Artists: Fiona Sit, Niki Chow, Kenny Kwan

Best Band/Group: Soler, Twins, E02

Best Duets: Kelvin Kwan & Alan Tam (???)
Alex Fong & Stephy Tang (???)
Don Li & Mandy Chiang (Messenger)

Male Artist with Most Votes for Songs: Leo Ku

Female Artist with Most Votes for Songs: Joey Yung

Honorable Mention (??????): Wynners

Best Songs: Joey Yung (????), Stephanie Cheng (???), Alex Fong (???????), Paul Wong (????), Leo Ku (????), Twins (????), Denise Ho (???), Anthony Wong (?????), Eric Kwok (?), Andy Lau (????), Fiona Sit (???), Justin (??), Janice (????), Juno Mak (????), Khalil Fong (???)

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