2006 HK Celebrity Marriages and Baby News

March 7th: Eason Chan Yik Shun and Hilary Tsui Ho Ying get married after a 2 year engagment.

April 14th: Sandra Ng Kwan Yu gives birth to a baby girl.

May 28th: Faye Wong Fei gives birth to a 8 pounds 8 ounce baby girl, making Lee Ah Pang a father for the first time.

July 7th: Steve Wong Ka Keung and Makiko get married in a secret wedding ceremony.

July 22nd: Roger Kwok Chun On and Cindy Au Sin Yee get married at Hong Kong Disneyland after a 7 year relationship.

October 2nd: Choy Yut Ji and Chou Suet Fong get married after giving birth to a baby girl in May.

November 11th: Claire Yiu Ka Nei and Thomas Lam Jo Fai get married after a 7 year relationship.

November 12th: Anita Yuen Wing Yee and Julian Cheung Chi Lam become proud parents for the first time after Anita Yuen gives birth to an 8 pound baby boy. Afterwards, revealing the two have been married a while ago.

November 13th: Carlos Ng Ka Lok becomes a father to a 7 pound 2 ounce baby girl after wife, Chow Wai Wai gives birth. The two were married earlier in the year.

November 28th: Hacken Lee Hak Kan and Emily Lo Suk Yee get married after Hacken announced marriage plans earlier in the year at TVB’s JSG Music Award Ceremonies.

November 28th: Kay Tse On Kei announces she is pregnant with Louis Cheung Gai Chung’s baby, and announces wedding plans for January 2007.

December 16th: Cathy Chiu Tsi Kei and Martin Lee Ka Shing get married after a 2 year relationship.

December 24th: May Kwong Man Shun gets married to Andrew Ying Tak Wing after a 4 year relationship.

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