1st HK Record Merchants Association Award

As we head into the pig year, the HK Record Merchants Association is holding an award ceremony. Yesterday they announced the nominees for "Most Popular Music and Film awards" and tomorrow at the spring welcoming banquet they will give out the awards. To celebrate its 25th anniversary, the HK Record Merchants Association has especially allowed members of the organization to choose winners of the awards based on performance of the record in 2006. The market strategy of the product, its quality and the number of sales it has made will all be factors taken into account when choosing the finalist. Yesterday, the company’s president Zhan Fung received a phonecall inquiry and responded: "I’m counting all products that were marketed during 06, not only those that were released in 06."

Hard work and efforts are recognized

Hacken Lee’s Concert Hall II received an award in popular Cantonese music. While he is still in America performing in the Chinese program "The Same Song", he was especially happy about receiving the award. He felt that importantly his dreams and hard work were recognized.

Partial winners list for "Most Popular Music and Film Awards"

Award for cantonese album: "Concert Hall II" – Hacken Lee

Award for Mandarin album: Yue Ding – Guang Liang

Award for HK movie: Fearless

Award for foreign movie: King Kong

Award for concert: "Our Concert" – Grasshoppers

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