183 club soars high, 5566 not-frozen, F4 battle competition continues

183 club is greatly welcome in Hongkong and beijing. They rapidly rises after the asia male association regarded as F4 most received welcome taiwan group. Sun De Rong thought already restrains by force F4 in southeast asia and hongkong, Ming Dao and 183 club can also manage the same thing as the group is also very laborous.
183 club forms the group for 2 years, this year steps in Taiwan and also welcomed in Hongkong and Beijing. Some even though they are successor of F4. Johnny Yan modestly said "we also miss the times group bands are too plenty, F4 have their invididual work now, they are much bigger than us"

Sun De Rong said "we are not only substitutes in Hongkong, 183 club will also assume appearance in mainland and has already confirmed the date and time, F4 only enjoys value in mainland" 183 club now appear to be very busy people and 5566 are quite quiet now, many fans made phone calls and wrote letters to the company protesting why the company continues to hold on with 183 club and freezes 5566. Sun De Rong explained "i am asking the cooperation of 5566 fans not to be too excited, 5566 are still busy fellows, they have their respective projects, and we have lots of in the future, this year will be 5566 shen chienchi, next year January is the showing of Food God, their album, future concerts are planned already, Tony will do a movie some time in October, I have to call all members to discuss altogether the progress method, although now, 183 club is much exposed, 5566 have their own work outside taiwan"..

Regarding Sun De Rong’s statement, Jerry Yan Cheng Xu’s broker/manager Jiang Yi Peng expressed: "This doesn’t deserve a comment." Representative for General Affairs of F3 Zhi Xiang Li also thinks it’s better not to reply, "it’s really so meddlesome what matters is the convincing power, joining this competition is useless, what is important is how you can make the audience decide to come. We hope that there is healthy competition, not this kind of pointless "word war." He pointed out Jerry Yan Cheng Xu’s "The Hospital," Ken Zhu Xiao Tian "City of Sky" Vic Zhou Yu Min’s "Silence" all these will be shown in the mainland; the success of Wu Jian Hao’s concert in Beijing. These all are F4’s glamour and charm, these are concrete proofs.

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