183 Club Shanghai Celebration Edition, “Zhen Ai 183 Club”

In the afternoon, on the 28th, Taiwan’s “1st Prince Band” 183Club went to Shanghai to promote for their album “183 Club Shanghai Celebration Edition”, and held a “Zhen Ai 183 Club Celebration Announcement Selling cum signing event”, this is also their first time showing up in China Mainland. They appeared as a brand new four member band, and expressed, Jacky left the band due to some reasons and the company is currently not considering any new members to replace him.
Q= question

Jacky left recently, but not because of the reason of being involve in drug cases

Q: Why is there only 4 members appearing today?
A: Actually these cannot be clarified in a word or two. The main reason I the difference in mindset. The company’s policies and Jacky’s personal mindset is different, thus the company made this choice in the end. The contract is returned to Jacky, in future 183 Club will appear in front of everyone as a 4 member band. Hope that all the fans will continue supporting 183 Club.

Q: According to news, it was because Jacky was involve in drugs, that he had to leave the band, is that right?

A: Actually external people had many different kinds of sayings in regards to this problem, but it is not because of drugs. It only happens so that many things coincidentally collide, and thus there’s so many versions of explanations. The main problem is still the difference in mindset and policy. The details can only be explained by the company.

Q: In private, all of you are good brothers, then did you all help Jacky to grab any chances?

A: We all missed him a lot, although we are not in a band anymore, but we’re still good brothers, we wish him all the best in his future endeavors

Q: Will Jacky’s departure have any impact on 183 Club?

A: We’ll try our best to minimize the negative impacts, we’ll think of Jacky when we sing our past songs, but we will gradually adapt to appearing as 4 member band.

Q: Now that you have one member less, what are your feelings? What do you think about having a new member?

A: Yes, it is like losing a family, and we couldn’t really get use to it. And as for new member, actually this is not an easy task. We all have our own telepathy, and we also hope the company will consider carefully before deciding. Afterall, the relationship and telepathy needs time to develop and work on.

Not going solo but each will have their own developments

Q: What is the main aim of this celebration event?

A: The main reason is to thank the Mainland fans, especially Shanghai’s fans. And the many media friends here, thank you for coming from afar to attend our event.

Q: Have you all ever thought of going solo?

A: The company thingks that 183 Club will still be appearing as a band, but all of us will have our individual developments. Ming Dao and Shao Wei are more focus on filming dramas, Xing Shu also have his hosting job. Although all of us have individual areas of work, but we will not go solo, and still will be appearing as 183 Club.

Q: Shao Wei is a member of 5566 as well as 183 Club, will there be clashes between bands?

A: No lar. The company will try their best to arrange the schedules separately, and try their best to assure that there won’t be clashes. If we really meet this kind of problem, the company will make the decision, see which side is more important and make the right arrangement.

Don’t reject being in the same event as Fahrenheit

Q: Currently new bands are emerging one after another incessantly, especially Fahrenheit. Everyone likes to make comparison between both of you, what do you think about this?

A: Actually we do not care how others think; we only want to do our job well. Actually only if we do our work well, only then can we have the position to compare with others. We will make our own breakthrough, we can improve only when we compete with ourselves.

Q: Many people are saying 183 Club rejects being in the same event as Fahrenheit, is that true?

A: It is not true. Actually the entertainment circle is not complicated, but once if there’s anything that happens, it will be magnified and exaggerated by the media. Previously in one of Taiwan’s Prize giving ceremony, we appeared in the same event as Fahrenheit before. Fahrenheit has very good results we really hope to work with them.

Q: The competition is now so fierce in the entertainment circle, people will often compare these two bands, what is your opinion regarding this?

A: I will work towards better music and drama productions, only so will we not worry about being compared. 183 Club will do its best to let everyone recognize and agree with us.

Focus on drama, neglecting music, out of one’s control.

Q: Everyone is very familiar with 183 Club’s drama productions, but in the music area, there isn’t much results, what do you think about this?

A: I hope this opinion can be passed on to our company and let them know, hope that the company can understand the response of the market. We will also try our best to add in our own opinions. But as everyone have different taste, hope that the market will be able to accept our works.

Q: What do you all have in mind for your singing and music skills and tactics?

A: Everyday, we are trying to improve ourselves, so that we can have better results in the music area. Not only in the area of singing, including dancing, drama, we also hope to have more changes and breakthrough.

Q: What are your work plans after this?

A: We’re arranging for overseas concert, including Vietnam etc. The activities in Mainland are still in the process of discussion, when the activities are confirmed, we will notify everyone.

Q: Is there any new drama production recently?

A: Ming Dow is currently busy with filming a new drama, Shao Wei’s new drama just finish filming. The new schedule will only be confirmed one or two months later, by that time, everyone will be able to see our new works.

When will you be having your new album?

A: Currently there is still no plans for this aspect, but our members are all making their own music, lyrics and melody, and we hope to add in our own music in the next new album.

Q: Will the four members have the chance to act in the same show?

A: We’re also hoping so, but this is not a simple task. Every member has their own work, it requires the arrangement and discussion of company and the producer before anything can be decided.

Ming dow deny being more popular, not in good terms with other members

Q: It was said that 183 Club’s rates for appearing on events are higher?

A: This is a decision made by the company, not something that we can decide among ourselves. But all our activities will be done in the best way under the restrictions.

Q: Will 4 members have times when each have different opinions and end up with conflict? Especially when Ming Dow is more popular in Mainland.

A: Actually our relationships are all very good. Basically, there’s no conflict.

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