11th Pusan International Film Festival starts on the 12th

The 11th annual Pusan International Film Festival (PIFF) will start on the 12th at 7pm at Busan’s Haeunddae Yachting Center Outdoor Theatre with actors Ahn Seong Gi and Moon Geun Yeong as the MC and will continue on until the 20th transforming Busan into a ‘World of the Silver Screen’.

This year’s festival will feature the opening film, director Kim Dae Seung’s ‘Gaeullo (Trace of Love),’ closing film ‘Crazy Stone’ by director Ning Hao, along with 245 other movies from 63 different countries that will be screened at 31 theatres throughout the Haeundae and Nampodong areas.

Amongst the invited films, 64 films are a world premiere, and there are 20 international and 71 Asia premieres once again proving the rising status of the film festival.

This year’s festival will also feature 10 special programs under the theme of ‘Midnight Passion’ which will screen films at night. These programs include a ‘Korea Cinema Retrospective,’ consisting of 7 films that were produced during the Japanese colonial era, along with a commemorative screening of deceased director Shin Sang-Ohk, ‘Auteurs francais contemporains: Contemporary French Auteurs’ to commemorate the 120 years of friendship between Korea and France, and ‘Remapping of Asian Auteur Cinema 2’ which aims to "discover, introduce, and support directors in Asia who are little known abroad despite their influence and importance in the film industries of their respective countries" amongst many others.

The Pusan Promotional Plan (PPP), that has become Asia’s top project market since its launch in 1998, and BIFCOM (Busan International Film Commission & Industry Showcase), which provides a market for filming techniques and equipment, will be jointly operated under the Asian Film Market which will also offer a market for financing and production for the first time.

Along with these changes, ‘Asia Documentary Network (AND)’ which supports the production of documentaries in the Asia region added 7 funds, and many special events such as ‘Cinematic Love,’ which will provide a simultaneous experience of music and movies through combined concerts and film screenings for viewers in outdoor theatres, will be held.

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