10 Big Male Stars’ Most Feminine Taste

The phrase Feminine Taste used in men is not degrading at all. For example, you can say that Chris Lee is handsome and Ella is very manly. The men’s feminine side is a special type of ” feminine taste” whose meaning could be very broad because this could include the men’s soft and smart beauty, and also could say that this man is cute and graceful. As the women becomes more independent, the men becomes gentler, where both have distinguishing developments. Thus, Male-female relationships also have even more expanded space.

1. Lee Jun-ki – Undistinguished male and female charm
2. Daniel Wu – Exquisite delicateness
3. Tony Leung – Won’t leave Xie Yu Cao
4. Johnny Depp – Mysterious Sex Appeal
5. Joe Odagiri – Implicit Grace
6. Brad Pitt -Virtous homebody
7. Bae Yong Jun – Undistinguished gentleness
8. Jerry Yan – Cute Little White Rabbit

When a woman already doesn’t know she is specially “cute”, the cute men arises. who are unexpectedly better than many groups of cute women. “Little White Rabbit (Xiao Bai Tu)” was once this handsome guy’s fancy name, the crown name which even shielded him from the poison-tongued Da S, used to describe this man’s shyness, that even women all sweetly admired his cuteness in “Meteor Garden”. Finally, Dao Ming Si’s mouth is not as hard as his heart, with his secret sweet smiles, happily jumping up for his own infatuation and unique dance. Actually, he felt sorry and cried, he was moved and he cried, and in spite of being an obviously big man, not thinking that this childish act was odd, but instead, provoked people to feel pitiful for his love. With excited feminine thoughts, he went to defend his treasured love. This is also why handsome guy Yan, for the past several years, has remained to be the women’s choice for their most wanted male star to keep in a secret place! From this, it can be summarized that : for a cute man, women can become crazy right away!

9. Jude Law – Delicate face
10. George Clooney – fully-affectionate bachelor

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