“Lady Iron Chef” gets low ratings, Charmaine and Hacken not rating guarantees

Charmaine Sheh and Hacken Lee, one is a TV queen and the other is a best male singer, but they cannot guarantee good ratings when it comes to box office movies. Recently, the two of them collaborated in the movie “Lady Iron Chef,” the rating for this movie was not so good, it only took in $880,000 HKD after five days of airing. Charmaine and Hacken are not rating guarantees in box office movies, looks like they need to choose a better movie script for next time.

“Lady Iron Chef” was shown in Hong Kong cinemas since last Thursday, it only received $70,000 HKD on its opening day. TVB fa dan Charmaine and three time best male singer Hacken were not able to pull up its ratings. The fact that “Lady Iron Chef” received average reviews was one of the reasons audience did not want to watch this movie. The movie only took in $880,000 HKD after the first five days.

As for other movies, “Night at The Museum” took in $37.2 million HKD after twenty-six days, it is likely to it will reach $40 million HKD. “The Queen” collected $33.3 million HKD after twenty-eight days. “Ghost Rider” received good ratings, collecting $3.8 million HKD after the first five days.

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